Botanical firelights can turn into plight

7 Firelight

I was feeling so helpless watching the news, and then I thought I can do something. So today I’ve made a donation to one of the charities in Australia. I know $millions have already been raised and is still being raised but I thought sending a few pennies is the least I can do given I cannot send rain. If you wish to do the same I have listed below a few charities you may wish to consider supporting. Continue reading

2018’s penultimate pink Square in September

It may be nearly 15years ago but walking on squeaky pristine white sand after a morning sailing on a tall ship in the beautiful Whitsundays is a memory that feels like it was only made a few months ago. Australia is an incredible country, no wonder I was ‘tickled pink‘ for most of my adventures there.

2014 Whitsundays

I kept a travel journal for my ’round the world’ trip, and whilst I cannot recreate Jude’s wonderful prose from a trip to Lake Geneva, I can share a journal snippet from this particular day on Whitehaven Beach which will hopefully, especially if you know what I was wearing, make the Six Word Saturday gang laugh!

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Square in September

It is day two and I am feeling honoured because yesterday you overwhelmed me with so many pink entries and all were fabulous. Thank you so very much.

And also feeling a tiny bit proud as I have combined all three again. These bats in the middle of a park in Sydney look ‘in the pink’ to me, the tree is pink and I was ‘tickled pink’ when I photographed them 14 years ago!