Not just hares who wear top hats

Apparently bookworms do too! However it wasn’t the hat which led me to share this one today, it was the amazing cake topping. Isn’t it fabulous. Created by a friend of mine for MrB’s birthday a few years ago; just hoping there will be enough to go round with more than thirty of us already here for Squares!

cake topping

On the top shelf

For many of us under lockdown or sheltering at home we face weeks if not months of restrictions. It isn’t going to be an easy time. However we do need to stay safe, and also help those on the front line by staying at home. And there are some positives such as the chance to work on projects which have been on the to do list for years, and more time to take part in challenges such as Squares! The theme is top, and you don’t have to go outside to find topping squares. You could just look behind you as I did today when I snapped this square of the top shelf in my study.

Top Shelf

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Being Creative with Textures

Textured Cake Topping

I originally meant to add this to Jude’s second textures assignment but was distracted by a building in East London and then I completely forgot about it! Fortunately though there are five Sundays this month and so I can include submit it for Jude’s 5th assignment. I think this goes nicely with her lovely lichen and thanks to my header I can also include it in Cee’s more than one photo. Best of all though my Portuguese cake makes a topping inspiration for next month’s squares.