Botanical firelights can turn into plight

7 Firelight

I was feeling so helpless watching the news, and then I thought I can do something. So today I’ve made a donation to one of the charities in Australia. I know $millions have already been raised and is still being raised but I thought sending a few pennies is the least I can do given I cannot send rain. If you wish to do the same I have listed below a few charities you may wish to consider supporting. Continue reading

Gabriel and the fifty three Quilled Stars!

To be honest I didn’t know what ‘quilled’ meant until I visited the incredible star exhibition in All Saints, Castle Cary. And even then I may have forgotten if it had not been for the fact that they all ended up in our living room afterwards. But before I enlighten you about Gabriel and the quilled stars let me first share a few shots from the art exhibition, it really was quite extraordinary and beautiful.

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