Top of the morning to you!

We are all caught up in this world crisis, and it is really going to be a struggle at times. Staying connected digitally is going to help, and finding moments of joy will be so important. And for the next few minutes I am hoping you are going to do just that by switching off the rolling news, and joining me for the joys of magnolia in the spring!

Top of the Magnolia

It is not just magnolia squares that are distracting me, it also happens to be Saturday and my title is six, isn’t that ‘topping’. No wonder I was tempted to also make this a Six Word Saturday. However I have so many more ‘top’ words to share as this is the post where I am going to make the big announcement. So I think I better just practice my social distancing and wave at the lovely Debbie instead.

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Blue Lights at Night

The wrong sort of blue light can be damaging but the right sort of light brings joy and happiness. Last month we had plenty of the right sort. It was one of the best months of squares, so thank you all. And here as promised is your bonus treat!

Light Show canary Wharf

Your treat of course is our fifth gallery capturing the last days of squares, with the added bonus of a few leftover light squares from me. Continue reading