Connecting Lines

Line of people in Alcoutim

There was such joy on this international border as locals, politicians and visitors walked in a line together to celebrate their shared heritage.

As you may have read in my original post they were also looking ahead to a united future. I envy them with their connecting lines. Saturday’s parliamentary lines may have given some of us a moment of hope, however they didn’t resolve the divide. And the shenanigans which have followed have only added to the tension and done nothing to lessen the risks to our democracy and our European connections. Who knows where British lines are going to end up this month.

Natural lines


You may recognise this fellow from July Blues, he’s a skimmer and had taken up home in my mum’s pond for a few days whilst he waited for the females to turn up. He couldn’t resist the camera, unlike the females who never settled. They were too busy mating and laying eggs for me to get a good photograph of their bright yellow lines, but I did manage a ‘not bad’ shot of one female mid flight creating lines in the pond.

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