Thursday Doors

Have had a dreadful few days with the camera, not sure if it is me, the unusual light or whether I have upset the camera. This is one of the few ones from yesterday I’ve kept. Not entirely happy with it, I am sure the bike worked better in my view finder. Anyhow I decided to keep it in as a reminder to self that as well as bad hair days there are also challenging camera days! Something to live with but never a disaster. Off now to enjoy Thursday Doors and to seek some inspiration for tomorrow’s adventures.Thursday Doors in Tavira

It was so wonderful I have to share here too

And I thought the best way to share my passion for Palácio da Bolsa in Porto, Portugal was via Thursday Doors as quite a few of the photographs that didn’t make it to my original Portuguese post were of the doors. I must have had Norm in mind for here! My door fest began at the doors of Pátio das Nações.

Now if you thought these was lovely just wait until the doors of Salão Árabe on the second floor of Palácio da Bolsa. Continue reading