Time travel in Wales

You may recall last month I mentioned a walk in Wales, well finally today I am going to share it. Well almost. Hope you don’t mind but there’s a short delay before we can commence the walk, for balloons, trains, and a quick nip into town.

It was a beautiful morning in September, and we were full of Autumn joys after the wedding. So no wonder we decided to head out along the canal towards Llantysilio and its medieval abbey. Continue reading

Glass, iron and steel at Kew

This week I have been attempting to manage my albums but as always when I delve into my photographic archives I am sidetracked by memories, and distracted with ideas for posts. I managed yesterday to limit myself to just a couple of photographs and six words, but today I’m finding that impossible as I have opened the Kew album and discovered all of the ones that didn’t make into #SquareinSeptember.Surrounded by glass and steel

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Dragons, Rags and Shiny Things

A year ago today we were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary but there was no sign of tin anywhere! Instead we enjoyed a rather unusual walk through the city of Birmingham. We began in the Bullring Rag Market. There’s been a market here since the Middle ages, today’s building though is only 17years old. There are 350 traders here, selling everything from curtains to leather jackets to wedding hats.

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An evening stroll for Jo

It has been quite a while since I took a proper stroll on this blog, so I thought it might be a walk might be good place to start as I clear my head of September squares and work out what I am doing this month! My walk is one I did last year in Birmingham, and Monday Walkers may recognise parts of this walk as Mailbox LampMrB and I found ourselves at times walking in Jo’s and Gilly’s footsteps. This hadn’t been intentional as I didn’t know we were going to Birmingham until we were on the train so I had not had an opportunity to revisit Jo and Gilly’s wonderful adventures prior to our trip. However they must have been watching over us as more than once I found myself walking past something, such as this lamp, which reminded me of their Birmingham adventures!

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