The Life of B

Involves a Nikon, a cat, extended visits to Portugal, being the Engagement Director (volunteer) for Winchester Heritage Open Days, occasional travels and most importantly my life as B is about enjoying life with my fabulous husband, family and friends.

SelfieThis blog’s main purpose is to act as host to the quarterly daily blogging challenge called SQUARES.

A photography challenge which is rapidly growing into a worldwide square movement. Quite extraordinary and such fun! Thank you to everyone who has taken part to date.

I also occasionally use the blog to share musings and other photographs, but it isn’t my main creative outlay. That’s my Portuguese blog!

Sometimes life does take over and you may find there will be days or even weeks of pauses on both blogs, especially as I am also manage multiple twitter and instagram accounts. Sometimes I do just have to turn off the digital world! So please bear with me if there is a pause, or drop me a line via my Portuguese blog contact form if you want to check what is happening.

By the way whilst I am happy for everyone to link to my posts and/or share them via social media, if you want to use any of my photographs then contact me first.

The best way to contact me is via my Portuguese blog contact form.

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45 thoughts on “The Life of B

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    • Thank you so very much. And do hope you can join us. It is so much fun and there are usually 20 to 30 fellow ‘squares’ taking part each month, with evening more popping in for a visit.

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  3. I found your blog through Cee. My mom died at 98 in 2006 and my dad at 91 in 2009. For ten years, my life was basically on hold. I lived close by, so I could cook for them, take them to all their appointments, and take them on outings frequently. To navigate the world of older old age is like entering a strange new planet without a map or compass. I can understand your journey with your mom and dad in dementia; it happens in slow stages. ( I never realized that). Now it sounds like you are onto a new phase in life.

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  4. Hey.!
    Pleased to meet you. Found a way through Cee’s blog. Looking forward to explore your blog more😊 as now I’m following your blog.
    Lovely about page and wishing you the all the luck with all the challenges you’re facing in life.



  5. Hi Becky! I found you through your Portuguese site.
    It is amazing that you manage to do so many different & exciting things, and still cared for your parents. Living with both parents with dementia, I can only imagine, must have been extremely challenging.
    Thank you for taking the time to share you experiences through both your blogs!

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    • Thank you so much for your lovely words, and my apologies for the delay in replying. Times have been tough but there have always been smiles and plenty of learning 🙂

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  6. HI Becky, I found your blog through Roda’s site and the lovely flower pictures she was highlighting. I am 50 now and working through the midlife crisis section of life, our parents are entering their 70s and so far, so good! Your story has inspired me and your strength you have shown as you navigate that challenge is impressive, to say the least! Hope all is well with you and stay strong 🙂

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