Some of you already follow the brilliant Denzil Nature, and I’ve spotted a few more of you have found him this week following the launch of his Nature Photo Challenge. However, in case you have not yet discovered the blog or the challenge, I thought I would mention it. I was fortunate enough to know in advance that this challenge was in development, and so when it was launched this week, Denzil inspired me to find a few nature shots of my own. One of them I have provided a close up of, so you can really see the patterns. I think spring might be around the corner.

If you want to take part too, then here are Denzil’s guidelines;

  • new theme every Wednesday, giving you time to take new photos, or dig into your archives.
  • The themes will be extremely varied. So even if you don’t normally take nature shots there will be at least one week when you will be inspired.
  • We can submit one photo or more per theme.
  • Denzil recommends following his blog Denzil Nature so you can receive notifications of when he launches a new Nature Photo Challenge theme, plus be inspired by his fantastic photography and nature thoughts.
  • When you see a theme that interests you, publish your post with your nature photo(s) on your blog. Entitle the post β€œNature Photo Challenge: theme”
  • Add the tag Naturephotochallenge to the post
  • Leave a comment and the link to your post on Denzil’s latest challenge post so he can visit you.

39 thoughts

  1. I’ve just discovered Denzil’s blog and new challenge, and although I won’t be contributing this week (still spending time sorting mountains of photos from our Colombia trip!) I certainly plan to do so in the near future πŸ™‚

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      1. oh fabulous you are joining in, and these are wonderful but next time you need to link to Denzil he is the host πŸ™‚ I’ve popped across and added yours for this week


  2. I’ve visited Denzil’s Belgium blog a few times mostly via Jo’s walks and I thoroughly enjoyed his take on the 12 days of Christmas so I look forward to his nature challenge. Those are very long catkins there Becky, any idea of the tree? And witch hazel so so crazy and often delightfully perfumed. A great start to the challenge and wonderful to see you out and about with the camera xx.

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    1. No idea on the tree, was at the arboretum so could be from anywhere in the world. They’re fabulous aren’t they.

      Still no camera though, all done on phone. Think it might be another year before the camera gets an outing again

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  3. These do show some lovely patterns. I first followed Denzil’s Belgium blog some years ago now as it was before we did our Brussels’ stop over. 2019 pre pandemic. Would like to really explore the Belgium countryside more thanks to Denzil! It’s not that far away from the UK. The nature challenge is a great idea and glad you have been able to help too.

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      1. Yes, a difficult one, but take your time, it’s still early days. My friend finally went back to Rhodes with lots of memories of their time together. It was hard but she goes back regularly now.

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  4. Lovely positive pictures. Denzil almost seems to have appeared out of nowhere. One week, I knew nothing of him, and the next, all my blogging pals turn out to have been following him already. I’ve got something in the pipeline for tomorrow.

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  5. Love the Header, Becky! Isn’t nature extraordinary? Thanks for highlighting this challenge. I do follow Denzil but this is one I’d brushed past. I’ll go back and read it properly. Have a good Sunday!

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  6. Such a thrilling time to see the new buds exploding into life, Becky! Thanks so much for promoting my new challenge, really appreciate it. I’m blushing at your compliments though!

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  7. It might be around the corner, but this (so ironic) is the first really cold weather we’ve had all winter except for ONE other very cold day. I don’t like the cold, but I welcome it right now because it’s normal. The really warm winter was not normal at all.

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