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  1. I think that scene is just delightful, but I can’t see anything else, so I’m not sure how the others commenting know that you got the train back. I’ll have to go searching further, but definitely not on foot. I hope it was peaceful for you.

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    1. it was in one of the very early comments I mentioned it, so that’s probably why you didn’t spot it. And yes so very peaceful until I arrived in busy Bath šŸ™‚


  2. Your walking is becoming epic, Becky. Alomst 60,000 in 48 hrs is a mammoth effort, and it looks like Mother Nature turned on the charm for you with those gorgeous blue skies. (I’m sure you also enjoyed, or appreciated, the train ride home.) Lovely to hear from you and I look forward to reading more about your walking adventures šŸ¤—

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    1. Thanks, I was relieved about train back too!

      It is so much fun though actually on narrow boat as there are a couple of aqueducts, swing bridges and locks. A relaxing stretch of canal.

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  3. 24 miles in two days is a lot of walking. I’m glad you felt like Robert was with you. Loving a person so well helps you see things they would notice or enjoy, so you half-see through their eyes as well as your own. I hope you had enough walking in you to see some of Bath while you were there.

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    1. I still can’t quite believe how much walking I did!

      I actually found Bath a bit busy on arrival, so as I’ve been before I simply did a few tasks and then headed straight for railway station.


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