The final day of squares so I thought I’d finish with some sunshine, and a short circular walk. Whilst most of my walks these days are about getting me outdoors for an hour or two, and also about being kind to myself, occasionally I have an errand to run. Walking to get milk is a surprise new one, and has brought unexpected joy.

The Milk Stop

A self vending milk machine has appeared round the corner from me, and once a week I pop along to help myself to local milk. That’s my milk filling up in the centre of the square. Robert would have loved this; supporting a local farmer and returning to bottled milk.

Thank you to everyone who has joined me on a walk this month. It really isn’t easy living with the trauma of what happened in April nor is it easy to live well in a world that has irrevocably changed. Specially now most people are moving on with their lives. That is normal though and I wouldn’t expect or want them to do anything else. However it is tough as my grief and my love for Robert surrounds me 24/7. So the fact so many of you have joined me this month has meant everything. I am looking forward to seeing your final squares throughout the day, and hope you have time later for a proper catch up as I have a #WalkingSquares gallery planned.

Do stay in touch, do keep walking, and if you can, do buy local!

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  1. I like the idea of your milky way walk, but am sorry that life is so tough for you, and in tough times too. I’m sure Robert’s love will always be with you and a core part of you. I didn’t comment yesterday, but I can never imagine people’s faces either, or their voices, but I still keep a strong impression with me. It could be just from knowing their ways – the ongoing effects of having known a remarkable person so well. Here’s my post and thanks again for hosting:

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  2. A short trip to pick up something is always a great excuse for a walk, Becky! I’ve never seen a milk vendor like that–enjoy that convenience. We’re too rural to walk to pick up anything and that’s how we like it. I and countless bloggers are so appreciative of your squares challenge inspiration and know that we care about you and think about you often. Keep up your walks and I really do hope to see your squares next year when you’re ready. Here is mine today, walking with the deer (so to speak):

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  3. Becky, Well done completing your month of Walking Squares! It’s not easy getting up, getting out and taking those steps but you did it. Thank you for sharing your walks and thoughts with us. I was able to participate weekly, except today. I hope December is kind to you. I look forward to seeing the gallery whenever you post it.

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  4. I hope you’ll keeping posting (square, rectangular, round, oval … I don’t care). For my last square I thought of the companions who walk with us. I made it (hopefully) a fun post with a dog I got to know a bit over the last few weekends. But to be honest: we always walk with our thoughts and our memories as companions – which occasionally is not bad. But don’t make it a habit. Pick live companions every now and again!

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  5. Well done, this month’s challenge has been wonderful, even though I did enter later on.

    Please keep posting Becky… In fact, I loved this topic and thought it was a brilliant concept. I would even go on to say this would be an ideal weekly photo challenge, have you thought about hosting it as a weekly challenge? As it would especially help those who are going through what you are going through now. It would give them encouragement to go out and even if it is for a short-walk.

    Just a thought!


      1. Start out slow Becky… make it a monthly one to start, then go from there. I am sure it will help a lot of people in your similar situation.

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  6. That sounds a great idea, although as I don’t like milk I’d be a poor customer! Well done on completing your month. I know it’s not been easy but I do hope it has helped you just a little – I sense that it has. We’ve all loved having you back ‘squaring’. It’s given us the opportunity to connect with you as well as being such a fun challenge. I look forward to seeing the gallery and to sharing squares again when you feel the time is right.

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    1. thank you so much πŸ™‚ and my youngest step daughter said the same about the milk. She’s tempted though to visit for the milkshake syrups which you can also purchase there!!

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