The final day of squares so I thought I’d finish with some sunshine, and a short circular walk. Whilst most of my walks these days are about getting me outdoors for an hour or two, and also about being kind to myself, occasionally I have an errand to run. Walking to get milk is a surprise new one, and has brought unexpected joy.

The Milk Stop

A self vending milk machine has appeared round the corner from me, and once a week I pop along to help myself to local milk. That’s my milk filling up in the centre of the square. Robert would have loved this; supporting a local farmer and returning to bottled milk.

Thank you to everyone who has joined me on a walk this month. It really isn’t easy living with the trauma of what happened in April nor is it easy to live well in a world that has irrevocably changed. Specially now most people are moving on with their lives. That is normal though and I wouldn’t expect or want them to do anything else. However it is tough as my grief and my love for Robert surrounds me 24/7. So the fact so many of you have joined me this month has meant everything. I am looking forward to seeing your final squares throughout the day, and hope you have time later for a proper catch up as I have a #WalkingSquares gallery planned.

Do stay in touch, do keep walking, and if you can, do buy local!

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  1. And so, here we are!
    It was indeed wonderful to join you on such amazing walks, Becky.
    Since it is the last one, so I will drop my second one for the day later.
    And yes, buying local is certainly the right thing to do πŸ™‚

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  2. What an excellent reason to walk. I just checked my area and there isn’t one nearby, but I’ll watch out for new appearances.
    My November has been busy, but I’m home again now and a final square will appear shortly. Thanks for a great square month, Becky, and I look forward to the gallery.
    Take care x

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    1. If you don’t already follow Produce and Provide UK on Instagram, they’re great for highlighting farmers who sell direct to the general public, and their website details loads


  3. Well, we have our milk delivered – in glass bottles of course – as our nearest vendor is too far away in the wrong direction for it to be the green option. But yes, let’s buy local! Thanksyou for this month of walking Becky. I hope it’s brought you some solace, knowing what a huge community of Virtual Friends you have. My last walk was a foggy one, as today’s will be:

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  4. This is such a cool idea and how lovely for you to have this so close to home. I’m very glad you were able to share your walks with us this month and also to do another square challenge. It’s been fun. I’m looking forward to seeing your gallery. Sending love as you continue to take one step at a time.

    I have a couple more posts before my Indian Pacific adventure is finished and I think I’ll continue the square theme so you can expect to see a few more squares yet!

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  5. I so love the idea of a vending machine that supplies local milk. You’re becoming a real dairy maid lol
    I am looking forward to a bit of a wrap and to the next square challenge. Hopefully I’ll be in a better place to join in with more posts xx

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  6. Hope it brings a little smile to you face when I say I think Robert would have wanted to be the milk man too.

    ⁣Get BlueMail for Android ​

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