Walking Squares may be coming to an end today, but the memories of your walks are with me forever and also here in a Squares gallery. It is the only gallery this month so do hope you will be able to visit a few Squarers today, later this week or at the weekend. I have even found some music to accompany you as you walk around the gallery.

I thought I’d begin this walking adventure with Squarers who joined us just a few times or maybe even only once over the past four weeks.

If this is your first ever explore of a Square gallery, then I recommend you take a moment now to make yourself a large cup of cocoa or tea or coffee as there are quite a few rooms to visit. I know regulars will be well prepared, and may have cake too!

The road to Winchester

I struggled to produce this gallery, not so much because of the grief, although it was hard at times, but because my laptop was on go slow. At first I thought there must be football on and that everyone was streaming, but then the laptop crashed. Aargh!

By the way widow fog has meant I have not been up to maintaining my usual Squares log, so if you have spotted I have missed you out or missed another squarer, do let me know by leaving a pingback below so I can add you and/or them.

I do hope you are enjoying walking with your fellow squarers, and have been able to stroll with more than a couple of squarers. There is only one room left in this month’s gallery so if you can spare another five minutes to stroll with me.

Blogging is a great distraction, and although some days the computer has been a step too far for me in my widow fog it has mostly been good. As I said yesterday I am not sure when Squares will return, but today I am feeling more confident it will. See you soon!

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  1. SO much work has gone into this gallery – thank you Becky 🙂 I have a busy afternoon in front of me so I’ve put this aside to come back to over the weekend and explore some other squares.

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  2. Sorry that the month has gone so fast and I wasn’t able to join you as much as I wanted to. Ot because of anything else but because our internet has gone bad. Sometimes it does work and sometimes not.

    Hope you continue to enjoy your walks as that will keep
    your mind off the painful things in life. See you again soon Becky ❤️

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  3. Becky, this autumnal photo is simply beautiful. It looks like you’re having better weather than us. Our year of torrential rainfall continues and for our first day of summer it’s quite cold and pouring rain – again. The time will come when we are in another extended drought so I’m trying hard to be positive about the rain.
    Thank you again for hosting squares this month. I’ve missed them and you and it’s been great to connect. I’ll take a look through the gallery at my leisure and enjoy squares from around the world.

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    1. thank you so much, I rarely walk on this stretch of the road and was so pleased I did this week to capture this

      and enjoy exploring the gallery over the coming days and weeks

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  4. This gallery is stunning with so many links (I’m sure in all you had 100s), Becky. A distraction you doubtless enjoyed a bit! I know how time-consuming it is to place links in a post let alone tell the stories. You’ve outdone yourself, and probably inspired more folks to get out and walk than any personal trainer ever did! Good on ya, my friend and remember the blogosphere is full of your friends! Take good care ❤

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  5. This is ever so good. I will have to get to these squares later as I am off soon.
    I am so proud of you getting walking and encouraging everyone else, fantastic.
    Another lot of Squares will help see you right, I am sure you could find the right theme.
    Catch you soon xx

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  6. I’ve been reading a few posts each day – ones that are already in your comments when I post my link, from blogs that I don’t normally follow. As well as all the usual suspects of course. I’ll try to pop back and look at a few more from your gallery at some point. It’s very clever the way you do it – gold stars!🌟 🌟 🌟

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  7. Well done for creating this gallery, Becky, I’ll get looking at it over the weekend. It’s been great participating in Squares this month, even though I’ve only dipped in sporadically

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  8. Hi Becky, I only got through the first two bullet points and my hour of reading blogs is drawing to a close. I will bookmark this page and come back. See you soon. 🙂

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  9. Wow Becky, I never expected this, as I’m sure others didn’t either. It’s been a fabulous month of Squares and I do hope you are able to host another challenge when you feel up to it. Know that I will be thinking of you every day when I go for my walk 💜🟪💜

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  10. You really have encouraged me to keep walking. I am so in awe in what you have done and continue to do in your loss of Robert. He would be so proud of you.

    Have not visit all your rooms yet!!

    ⁣Get BlueMail for Android ​

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  11. Oh, Becky, this is quite the galley. I’ll tackle it a bit at a time, stating late this evening. I’ll miss squares, even though I’ve not been a daily participant. My laptop is on stike as you can see. It won’t type the lette between q&s. Sometimes spell checking with sot it, but usually not. What a pain!

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    1. oh my first Jo with Q, and then you with the beautiful R, I wonder who will lose the S?!!

      Have fun exploring the gallery, and an excellent plan to take your time with it

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