Time is even weirder than usual for me. I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of November squares, and it is impossible to think it has been 34 weeks since the death of my amazing Robert. Some days it feels like only yesterday I found him dead, and other days it feels like he has been gone forever. I miss our life together and I miss creating a shared future. I miss his presence, his calmness, his smile and his voice. I can though still feel his love, and hope time never changes that.

The Itchen Valley

More life altering moments lie ahead in 2023, consequently I don’t yet know if squares will return. I hope it will as I love squaring, it is also a good distraction and you are all a great support. I will keep you posted on my square plans, and I will also keep walking. I hope you will keep walking too, and if you haven’t squared this month – there is still time! Find out more here on how to submit your #WalkingSquares.

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  1. The others have said it all – there is little I can add, except for: keep it up (in your own time, no pressure) and we will be thinking of you – and we’d love to have you back!

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  2. Thank you Becky for keeping our spirits soaring high despite the changes you are undergoing.
    You are courageous and strong.
    I never realized that tomorrow is the last day of November Squares.
    You kept us constantly engaged.
    I am sure ‘SQUARES’ will return.
    Thank you so much.

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  3. It has been so nice to walk with you this month Becky, we have all missed you. I hope the squares have been a good distraction and helping you through your grief. 34 weeks is not a long time and the loss must be both physically and mentally difficult to process.

    One more day and one more walk to share with you tomorrow. Meantime, here’s Alice surrounded by beauty (though she wouldn’t have been back in the day).

    Wheal Alice

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    1. I hope so. Struggling this week to recall his face in my mind, but then when I tried to recall people still living found that is hard too. Think my mind is just not up to it this week.

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  4. Ah, Becky…well done for hosting Squares this month, and I hope Squares will be back at some point. Sorry I haven’t posted much, I’ll try today and tomorrow. Pleased you have found us to be supportive 🥰

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  5. It’s been good joining you this month, even though I haven’t posted daily – nothing from me today in fact. I hope it’s been fun for you too – bittersweet, of course – but at least you know how many of us are rooting for you and sending love and positive vibes. I’ll drop by tomorrow with a final contribution.

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  6. One step at a time, darlin, and you’re almost there! In squares, that is. Life is a whole different matter and I presume you’re dealing with selling the house and finding somewhere that works well for your future. You’ve done amazingly this month, Becky, and we’ve all loved having you around again. Long may it continue. Wishing you lots of love and luck.

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  7. Robert will always be with you in your heart. Best wishes to you for the coming weeks and months. I’m glad this square month has brought you some comfort and I hope, when you’re ready, we do get to do it all again together. Thanks for this month – it’s been fun as always.

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  8. I hope you find the strength to keep going Becky and that you will bring squares back sometime
    In the meantime I wish you well on your journey and hope you are surrounded by good friends and family 😘

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