After our chat the other day I thought you all might like proof that I do go out in the rain. I admit there have not been many walks when I have got caught in a torrential downpour but I frequently walk in drizzle and light showers. There are even the odd days when I deliberately go out in heavy rain. The waterproofs make all the difference; that’s a rain hat with wide brim, a brightly coloured (for visibility) raincoat that has the option for zipping in a fleece on those cold wet days, good walking boots and most importantly overtrousers.

Walking briskly in the rain

It may not be evident from my expression but walking in bad weather is good for me. So if you can why not join me walking in the rain, the snow or the wind before Squares ends next week. It’s a great way to rediscover your inner child, specially if you have full waterproofs on because then you can play in the puddles too, but don’t try puddle jumping backwards!

Within moments there was a downpour

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  1. You are a good advert for a rain hat!!Β Β  I am now trying walking backwards but only a few steps but certainly will not jump through puddles while so doing!!!

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  2. After the time we spent in Victoria the last two weeks, I’ve done enough rain walking for a while. At times it was torrential and everywhere is sodden. Now that we’re home again, my plan is to post a walking square every day for the rest of the month, which will bring our Indian Pacific trip to an end very nicely.
    ps I do love the colour of your raincoat.

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    1. I can understand that, so pleased though you are going to keep posting that trip. And thanks πŸ™‚ originally bought as it matches the colour of the festival colour I used to organise but I am delighted I have it for its cheerfulness

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