Over the new few posts I will be proving that I have been getting out in all weathers! I am finding that bad weather walks are good for my mind, and there is even scientific evidence to prove that, check this article out.

A muddy path

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  1. I always loved walking in the rain as a kid. Unfortunately, we don’t get much rain here but when we do, I’m going to get out there! Thanks for the article Becky. 😊

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  2. What an interesting article. Proves what dogs know — just keep walking. I must admit that I often outwait the rain as it rarely rains here for more than 30 mins. Glad you manage to just keep moving even in the kind of rain that England has. Bernie

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  3. Love the article – although we are not prone to cold & early dark in Singapore, I do remember many rainy runs when we spent several Decembers in London (one of our favourite ways to spend Christmas incidentally). We actually love the grey skies and the cold and the rain.

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