Over the new few posts I will be proving that I have been getting out in all weathers! I am finding that bad weather walks are good for my mind, and there is even scientific evidence to prove that, check this article out.

A muddy path

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  1. I enjoyed the article, Becky. My husband and I used to do winter hiking and want to get back to it when he’s fully recovered. I think I might try walking backwards but in the park where there are fewer tripping hazards. It would be easier if someone was with me and walking forward to keep an eye on where we’re going.

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  2. Interesting article. I do many of those things, but I draw the line at going bare legged in winter and walking backwards. I managed to trip over a kerb and bash my elbow the other day, and that was walking forwards! I note it mentions the smell released by plants after rain without naming it – petrichor. I love that word!
    A tree today. https://glasgowgallivanter.com/2022/11/23/walkingsquares-hiroshima-tree/

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    1. Yikes that is not so good – I think the trick for the backwards thing is to be sure about the surface you are walking on or have a friend along side you going forwards!


  3. I’d like to try the walking backwards but I am not sure my neighbours are ready for that. You induced me to go out a few days ago in the rain after a conversation here. I had given myself a rain pass, but then I thought ‘If Becky can do it, I ought to be able to.’ As I went out it stopped! It was dark by then though. I dare say there are not many benefits to that.

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    1. I went off to re-read the article (I’d seen it a few days ago) and saw the benefits listed, so I take that bit back. I must have discounted them on my first reading as they certainly didn’t stick with me!


    1. Don’t blame you, it is tough to start out in the rain – Monday though I was in angry mode and so I thought well just go – so glad I did as when I came back I felt so alive and the anger was gone


  4. I think this picture and the article are aimed at me! I do find if suitably dressed it can be a pleasure to walk in the rain, but looking out this morning it is not tempting. It is nice to know that children are right to enjoy jumping in muddy puddles. here is my post for todayhttps://somerville66.blogspot.com/2022/11/a-country-walkingsquare.html

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  5. I can’t wait for it to rain again and I’m off! Not backwards though, on these slippy Algarve cobbles. Maybe to Quatro Aguas. You’d never be home if you reaped all these benefits. And I didn’t even know I had brown fat- ugh!

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  6. I really will try walking in the rain and even   try walking backwards but only here on my drive!!!!!!!

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