My daily walks have become an essential part of my new routine. Are they part of your routine too?

Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Don’t worry if not as I am not expecting anyone else to walk daily. Feel free to just join me weekly or occasionally with your squares and comments. Your support means a lot to me.

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  1. Another English scene in the autumn! Here’s a very English scene from a little while ago, I posted for Silent Sunday…now I’ve got to Square it,oops

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  2. I agree with Margaret, that’s a lovely scene. The comments are so revealing of our different perspectives. We live in such different places with different weather patterns. Are you still managing to get out daily, Becky? Winter can be a bit grim.

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    1. Thanks Margaret, and yes so far I’ve even got out in the really wet weather! As I was saying to Jo having the right gear has made sure so far I cannot use weather as an excuse.

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      1. Sort of. I lost a lot of stamina during Long Covid, and though I’m fine now, it’s taking me time to get my ability to power through the miles back. We septuagenarians have to work hard to maintain our stamina, as Robert would doubtless have testified!

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      2. He certainly did. I am sure it will come back, but take it slow. From what I have read long covid seems to hit those who rush their recovery – so if the body and/or mind are not ready for the miles yet it can wait xxx

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    1. I know the wet weather is discouraging. I’ve been fortunate so far there was always be a window of slightly better weather (ie drizzle or short downpours) even on days when you think the heavy downpours are never going to stop.

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