On Tuesday I was in Somerset with Mum; in the morning we walked into her town and ended up buying numerous books, cards and even pheasants. It was a lovely shopping expedition, but I was aware that, despite the extension to our walk, my steps wouldn’t quite be hitting 6000. I decided it didn’t matter as being with Mum was doing me a power of good, and a few more steps were not really needed plus by the time we got back there was a huge downpour. But then there was a break in the clouds.

Jubilee Avenue, Castle Cary

Mum encouraged me to go out again whilst she prepared lunch, and so off I went on a brisk circular route. I did pause though to enjoy this fabulous view. If you look carefully you can see Glastonbury Tor in the far distance. I once made Mum, Dad and Robert walk up there on a very cold day. Even Dad was complaining, which was unheard of.

Somerset Levels

As I looked at this view I remembered how Robert has never let me forget how cold it was that day. However as you can see from this photo I did just about manage to get a smile out of him as he was attempting to shelter from the bitterly cold winds at the top.

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  1. Ha! We once walked up the Tor when my children were about 4 and 2, and have the photos to prove it. It was (lightly) snowing, so Robert had different conditions to complain about. But he seemed to be bearing up!


  2. I don’t know what I was expecting, but the picture of Robert really made me beam. He does look cold, but also looks like he’s privately having a wonderful time teasing you about it.

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  3. The wind is the worst! If it was 3 to 1 how the heck did you convince them all to walk? He does indeed look cold but patiently loving.


  4. Hah! I am not surprised they complained, that is not an easy walk up that hill. I attempted it in heat and had to give up when I was almost at the top. Poor Robert does look frozen.


  5. Shall never forget that walkΒ  up Glastonbury Tor. Was petrified the wind would blow me over and I would finish up at the bottom of the Tor

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