I am getting to know these gardens well. The first couple of times I walked here with a friend, and then I decided I was feeling brave enough to visit on my own. That first time was tough, all I could think was that Robert wasn’t beside me. But I found a bench and just sat with my grief for a while. Once I was ready I continued to explore, keeping to the quieter paths. An hour or so later the world did feel a little bit lighter, and now everytime I visit here alone it feels mostly okay. I feel safe as explore the familiar paths as well as new ones. There is a lot of ground to cover, and it is evident from the number of solitary walkers I am not the only widowed person seeking sanctuary in the beauty of this arboretum.

Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

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    1. Ooh yes that would be good. Probably be tomorrow I’ll be joining you on your urban walk. Am in Somerset with Mum and totally forgot to bring tablet!


  1. I think whenever we begin something on our own, we take tiny cautious steps.
    May your walk by yourself along this (sad but familiar) path soon bring the comfort that happier memories are meant to bring.

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    1. Thanks Debbie, and your description and url sound fabulous. I’m going to have to wait until tomorrow though to smile with you as away in Somerset and only have my phone. Remembered tablet halfway here!!


  2. Not the first nor the last to go through your experience, Becky. All of us with partners will go through this loss at some point, but there doesn’t seem to be any way of preparing for it. Life is for living and for today. The alternative- never to have known Robert- is unthinkable, isn’t it? You are dealing with it as best you know how and he would be proud of you.

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