Unlike so many I see on my daily walk the phone stays in my pocket (unless I am taking a photo) and I keep my head held high even when I am in a middle of a ‘grief burst’. Fortunately though most walks now I am sufficiently distracted by my lovely walking companions, my audiobook or what is around me. The latter is part of the joy of walking, which is why I am always sad when I see so many walking whilst looking down at their phones. They are missing so much of the world around them plus they are a hazard to other pedestrians. Both Robert and I just stop walking and wait for them to look up and move around us, rather than us stepping out of their way! Amazingly it works.

The phone definitely struggles with trees!

PS Before I get any lectures on walking with headphones, I use bone conduction headphones so am never unaware of traffic around me or joggers coming up behind!

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  1. Love your tree picture. Our leaves are all long gone. As to the phone. I always walk with mine as I walk in the middle of nowhere and on rough ground so in case I need it I have it. I do take photos with it but then stick it away. If it pings I ignore it. I love just being present in the moment. Listening to meadowlarks or frogs. Watching the clouds. Smelling the prairie. So I’m with you.


  2. Looking up and around is the best way to goโ€ฆ while listening to the chirping of the birds for me! I agree, walking while looking at the phone is so dangerous, I know I did it beforeโ€ฆnever doing it again. Haha

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