Most of October was dry and warmer than usual, and November so far has also been warm, just not as dry. I had been thinking it must be another sign of climate change, apparently though that’s not the case. These high temperatures are one of those weather phenomenons we sometimes get; the jet stream has moved. Having said that every month this year has been warm which does suggest things are changing, and the research also indicates that warmer and wetter autumns are likely to become the usual here because of climate change.

These warmer autumnal days have meant many of us have used less energy, which has been a huge positive given the rising energy prices. The downside, well Squares is probably not the place for a lengthy climate change discussion. So instead I’ll mention the impact on my walks. I have spent ages some mornings trying to work out what to wear and when to walk so I don’t overheat, don’t slip over in the mud and don’t get soaked. This was one of those complex decision days, and fortunately I got it right!

Missing the showers

Have you got caught in the rain recently, or have you also been avoiding the rain? Do share your walks with me. I’d love to know what you have been up to. To share simply link back to one of my daily posts and don’t forget to use the tag #WalkingSquares.

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  1. I’ll be sharing some Nepalese walks with you soon, once I can get my photos organised. Meanwhile I was interested to read that you’ve found November warmer than usual. we arrived home yesterday expecting to feel the cold and were pleasantly surprised not to do so!

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  2. When we were in Bali the other week it looked like rain a lot of the time, black clouds and thunder and lightening but it hardly rained in Sanur. We were so lucky


  3. Easy to avoid the rain here in the winter! We love it during spring summer and fall but there has been a huge shortage of rain x 5 years here.


  4. “every month this year has been warm” — yes, climate change is REAL!

    We have had some rain, at last, in California.

    Sharing my first time at Rossglass Beach, Co. Down, Northern Ireland — last April.


  5. Walking in the rain is certainly an amazing experience. I did enjoyed them during this year’s monsoon season but sadly, without my smartphone because it ain’t waterproof.


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