On one morning in October I was out before it was even light. I had arranged to walk with a friend, but a few days before she realised she’d double-booked. Rather than postpone she suggested we brought our walk forward to day break. I thought it a cunning plan as I am always awake early. We decided to venture further afield, and had our fingers crossed there would be a beautiful sunrise.

As you can see we didn’t get the latter but we did enjoy a lovely stroll on Stockbridge Down. Well apart from the uncontrollable dog who jumped up at me and somehow managed to get his jaw around my chin for a brief moment!

The Hampshire downs at dawn

Fortunately I wasn’t harmed although my coat and trousers had huge paw prints on them. The owner was very apologetic, blaming the incident on the youth of his boisterous labrador. I blame the owner! Was so glad my friend was there, I don’t think I would have shrugged the incident off if I had been alone. Robert would’ve been furious.

Talking of him, it’s his youngest daughter’s Birthday today. I wish he was here to wish her Happy Birthday. Robert was so proud of his daughters, as am I, and he loved spending their birthdays with them or at least ringing them for a lengthy Birthday chat. Today is going to feel strange for her and also for me.

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  1. Gorgeous sunrise! I’m not a dog lover and I always find it odd when the owner of a dog feels obliged to say “don’t worry. It’s friendly”. It might be friendly but I don’t want it coming up to me. I would have freaked out if that happened to me. Glad you’re okay.

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  2. No such thing as a bad dog just bad owners and I stand by those words as all 4 of our dogs have been well trained. If there ever is a next time bring your knee up into their chest as they start to jump. Hope you are OK- it can be scary as hell. I got bite once and the owner was slinking behind a tree while we sorted out his attacking dog.

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  3. Oh, gosh – that must have been more than scary. Your face too! A big dog, possibly a lurcher, ran away from its owners and put his jaws around my elbow in one of the parks a few weeks ago. It was more like mouthing than a bite and I had a thick coat on, but I was a bit taken aback. That’s a very beautiful view, by the way.

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  4. Morning walks are the best. It’s such a lovely time of day. Sorry to hear about the dog incident. If he has a youthful and boisterous dog it should be on a short leash until it’s properly trained – if that ever happens.

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