At this moment I did want my camera. There are starlings on the wire, and I just loved their silhouette. However the phone didn’t have a hope, so instead you get an atmospheric square. By the way this was taken from that footpath I shared with you a few days ago. I walk it regularly as not only is it part of multiple circular walks, it is also the way to a great cafe where I have regularly gone for lunch with friends. Sadly Robert and I never walked it together. I don’t know why, just one of those things.

One of Winchester’s nature reserves

I’d love it if you joined me with a square from a walk this week. Use the theme’s tag WalkingSquares to help me find you and also don’t forget to include a pingback to my daily square posts. As you are aware I am finding computers really hard work some days. So if I am offline for a day or two, the tag and the pingbacks will be really helpful when I have the energy to come back online and catch up with your fabulous walks.

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  1. I find taking long breaks (hours) between times I use the computer helps. But I’m just not feeling quite up to snuff, so there are days when it just feels rather overwhelming. I did, however, find some good walking squares from Cooperstown (upstate New York) so when you are able, they will be waiting.

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