All being well I will be walking with a fellow squarer in person today. Not sure, as I write this, where we will end up. We probably though won’t make it to this Winchester back street, as the forecast is for heavy rain. And if it doesn’t rain I thought we’d head out towards Romsey.

Walking through Winchester’s back streets

Wherever we end up I know we will have a lovely time catching up, and hopefully we will find some colour and some beauty too. I certainly did the other day when I found myself on this footpath not far from the little back street.

Winchester’s hidden footpaths

One of us, I am sure, will keep you all posted on our adventures. In the meantime I’d love it if the rest of you joined me virtually on a square walk. You could find a square from a previous walk or actually go for a walk today. Use the theme’s tag WalkingSquares to help me find you and also include a pingback to my daily square posts or leave a comment with your link.

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    1. I am also catching up today! In the end we didn’t make it to Romsey, just so wet. You are right though it is a lovely place, what took you there?


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