Squares has never really been about the photography, but this month some of you may notice my squares are not quite in focus, or at least something isn’t quite right with them. This is one of those where I am not happy with the result.

Peninsula Square

The reason is because this one and all the others were taken on my phone. Now I know phone cameras are amazing these days but a) I have a new phone and I have yet to figure it out, and b) I rarely have my glasses with me when out walking and so it is all a blur when I attempt to take a shot!!

I still have my Nikon P900 but am not ready to be out and about with it yet. The memories are too bittersweet. I am hoping though by using the phone more and more that in time the desire or should I say frustration to be able to really capture something well will return and the Nikon will once again be by my side.

I’d love it if you were also by my side and joined me on a square walk this week. You can join in by commenting on and/or squaring a walk yourself. The tag is #WalkingSquares.

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  1. All mine are taken with a iPhone too. I like being able to touch the screen to focus on that point and having decent colour rendition, but pressing to take the picture seems designed to wobble things. I wish we could just say ‘Now!’ I just read you can set up a ‘Say cheese’ shortcut, but who wants to walk around saying that to a flower, out in public?

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    1. I have worked out the 5 second timer settings on selfies, but hadn’t realised there might be a way the other way. You are right though I wouldn’t want the say cheese option!!


    1. We nearly lost it as the council approved its complete destruction! Fortunately a local architect started a campaign and it was saved. Such an asset to the city


      1. A sensible booking – hope the journey is hasslefree. Really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow – looking at current weather forecast I think we will be in town in the restaurant the whole time!


  2. I use my phone more than my camera these days, especially on walks when I can slip it into my pocket. The quality varies and you do need a steady hand. All my squares so far are using the phone. I’ve even changed the settings to 1:1 😁

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      1. You poor thing, and yes take all the time you need to recover. Resting so important after a bout – hoping though the fact you are online today means you are beginning to feel a bit better. Hope so

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  3. My phone is basic, chepa and cheerful (it’s all relative of course …) but I use it all the time now, and frequently don’t bother with my camera. You’ve already shown quite some mastery!

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      1. They said it might take two month… They after just over and I wrote to them. I used my old one in the meantime, but it is not the same.


      2. Yes I took out my old camera in Portugal at the beginning of this year and thought I’d be okay using it again, but really wasn’t the same.

        Everything crossed for you that it comes back in the timescales they have said

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  4. Oh, but do I know that feeling! One of my friends posts beautiful little galleries on Facebook, taken with her phone, and I can’t even come close. I’ve had this Samsung for a week and have been battling to get my emails to load so I really haven’t had time to mess about with the camera. Last Sunday I took it out, brand new, into the hills, and nearly threw it off the top because the misty dew kissed shrubs were so out of focus!

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    1. Hi Jo. Samsungs have beautiful cameras. Persist. If you are zooming, touch the screen where you want it to focus. You may have to pull back a bit for very close shots.
      They’re my top 2 tips, otherwise it’s aim and shoot. All the best. I miss my Samsung.

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    2. I shouldn’t laugh but . . . . . .

      Hope you get there with your Samsung. I have had Samsung for years and do love them, but do wish that each change wasn’t so difficult. There is always something that catches me out.


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