Squares has never really been about the photography, but this month some of you may notice my squares are not quite in focus, or at least something isn’t quite right with them. This is one of those where I am not happy with the result.

Peninsula Square

The reason is because this one and all the others were taken on my phone. Now I know phone cameras are amazing these days but a) I have a new phone and I have yet to figure it out, and b) I rarely have my glasses with me when out walking and so it is all a blur when I attempt to take a shot!!

I still have my Nikon P900 but am not ready to be out and about with it yet. The memories are too bittersweet. I am hoping though by using the phone more and more that in time the desire or should I say frustration to be able to really capture something well will return and the Nikon will once again be by my side.

I’d love it if you were also by my side and joined me on a square walk this week. You can join in by commenting on and/or squaring a walk yourself. The tag is #WalkingSquares.

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  1. I use my iPhone more and more just because I can put it in my pocket. So most of my pictures are cell pics. I’m often blurry because I just can’t hold still. But Adobe Bridge helps me out a little with the clarify function. You can see how blurry my trail sign is.


      1. Not at all! I’m right there with you sister. Cee and I compared notes, and she watched me. I have proof that I am an unsteady photographer!

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  2. Our camera was literally starting to fall apart about the same time I got a phone with a good camera. I have learnt a fair amount but some photos it just doesn’t do well like distance ones but I mostly just use it. I think it’s a learning curve that will take time so be gentle on yourself. As to selfies — still can’t master those!

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      1. I won’t be able to go out today. It’s raining and we have flood alerts. I’ve been waiting for the rain to stop to plant some tulips, daffodils, rananculus and other spring bulb. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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      2. oh that’s a shame, but guess to be expected at this time of the year. Hopefully a dry day is just around the corner for the bulb planting, in the meantime have a fabulous day. Hope there will be cake later!

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