I’ve even gone out at sunrise

There are days when I have plans to meet up with friends or family, and the 6000 steps plan looks daunting. On those days I head outdoors early, and have even been known to catch a sunrise. Possibly not great for my Vitamin D intake but being out early can still feel good and settle me for the rest of the day. A bonus when anxiety and overwhelming grief are bubbling close to the surface.

I’d love it if you joined me on a walk. Your square photograph doesn’t need to be at sunrise though. It doesn’t even need to be a daily walking square. I’ll be happy if you just join me weekly or simply pop in occasionally with your walks and comments. Your support will help me so much over the coming weeks. Do use the theme’s tag WalkingSquares to help me find you and also don’t forget to include a pingback to my daily square posts in November. The links and tags are going to be extra important this month; I am not confident I going to be able to be online daily. Grief is exhausting and hard work, and there’s also the widow fog. Consequently I am not up to opening the computer some days. I am hoping though to be here regularly as I have missed you all.

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  1. That’s a fine sky Becky. I can understand why that calms the soul, even though I am not an early person. I’m sorry that some days are still very difficult and even if you can’t manage to log in daily I hope when you do you will get some happiness from all the Square community. Thinking of you 💕

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    1. thanks Jude – the downside of the depth of love I have for Robert is that the grief is going to be painful for a very long while. The upside is that I have that love forever.

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  2. Love to get out and walk, lots of favourite places, dawn, dusk and in between….. but often it just taking that 5 minutes in the day to stand or sit in the garden and look at the sky. Peace and tranquility

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  3. Never mind the Vitamin D. I have found that the effort of getting up and out early affects my mood and energy positively for the rest of the day, Sunrises are definitely a bonus. So go for it when you can. This photo proves my point. Sorry life is still so tough, Becky – sending hugs. But no post today: I probably may not have a post for you for the rest of the week, but I’m thinking of you and sending hugs.

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    1. Enjoy your time away from the screen, and thanks for the support. As I have just said to Jude I think I am going to be actively grieving for a long while – a reflection of the depth my love for Robert. He was so amazing

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  4. We have the most beautiful flame coloured sky this morning and I immediately thought of you. I popped outside for a photo or two but I’m walking with friends later. I hope your day goes well, Becky. Sending hugs!

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