Tomorrow November arrives and Squares is going to return. Yay!

However there will be two slight variations. Firstly I am not sure I’ll be able to manage my usual superwoman trick of visiting every post, staying on top of comments and produce galleries so I’ve decided not to share advance notice of the theme. Thought we could just see what happens! The second variation is that whilst I have scheduled thirty squares, I am really not expecting daily squares from anyone else.

Of course if you want to square daily that’s fine, but actually a few each week or even occasionally will be just as lovely. I have missed you all, and will love to see you. And whatever the frequency I know your comments will be a great support and your Squares a welcome distraction in November. I will try to be here regularly and of course will definitely be here tomorrow before sunrise with my first Square and the theme announcement.

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  1. Wonderful news, my friend, I can see by the comments that you have been sorely missed! Engaging with some creativity is good for ALL of us. You know I will hop in at least twice a week now that I am a regular for Wordless Wednesday. Take it easy and go with the flow.

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  2. Squares will be a welcome distraction all round, and it will be great to participate again. Don’t bother about all the extras, in particular the weekly round-up which must have been quite demanding – it even was for simple readers thereof! I hope it provides fun and a distraction too. It certainly will for me! xxx

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  3. What fabulous news even though I am not as prepared as in the past but hey, I may not do a post a day.
    This will be so good for you, friends getting together for a Square good time. I hope it will be musically for me too 🤗💕

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  4. I’m very pleased you feel able to start up Squares again. I’ve missed the challenge and seeing your own and other people’s contributions. I’ll join in for sure but jot till later in the month as I’m travelling at the moment (in Nepal). And I’ll do one or two larger posts rather than daily, as I always have. Please don’t feel obliged to visit them, I’ll understand and will enjoy participating regardless 😀

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  5. The best news I’ve had all October! You’ve been sorely missed in the community, Becky. I don’t think a little distraction here will come amiss. We’ll be gentle because we know and understand that you are fragile. Bring on the Squares! (and I do now have a ‘q’)

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