This scene still makes me giggle. We were in Nevada on a steam train, when the train was boarded by a gang of robbers. What are the odds of that happening?!

A mile or so down the track the sheriff happened to be standing there, and he managed to persuade the robbers to leave the train. By persuade I mean gunfight! Two robbers were shot, and both fell down. Well kind of. The leg of one went straight up in the air after he had been shot, and oddly it stayed up! At least it did until they all boarded the train again to travel back with us to Silver City. It was the oddest and funniest trip I have ever taken on a steam train.

Do you have any odd stories to share? If you do why not share them as part of this month’s Squares Challenge. Just remember your accompanying photographs must be square, and if you can use the tag SquareOdds.

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  1. I had something very similar on the train to the Grand Canyon — mounted bandits came alongside on horseback, pistols drawn, and boarded the train. Good fun! But no sheriff, and no legs sticking up. 😉

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  2. oh that is funny! I was once on a tourist bus in Paris when it mysteriously stood stationary for about 15 minutes and we found ourselves locked aboard. Then a plainclothes detective got on…..real gun strapped to his waist. He asked the passengers downstairs to check and see if they had all their belongings….two were missing wallets and passports. He then went upstairs and came back down with a perpetrator under arrest, Turns out it was a sting to catch a pickpocket targeting tourists. Thankfully my savvy daughter got a funny feeling and had us stand with our backs to a wall rather among the crowd waiting for the bus! Awfully glad that gun wasn’t drawn on our very odd tourist experience.

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