For Six Word Saturday & Square Odds here’s another example of extreme Portuguese gardening. My title is taken from the Royal Horticultural Society advice on root growth!

It always amazes me how figs grow anywhere, although now I’ve learnt they need less than 200mm of water per year maybe not as odd as I think.

Essential Update – MrB and I are also going to be experiencing root restrictions today as we’re flying back to England for a few days. I am sure our feet and legs will survive as it is only a shortish flight, however the loss of time to travelling may affect my visits to your squares today.

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    1. Thanks, journey went as well as it could. Now though distracted by the unexpected but very welcome presence of our 18 month old granddaughter!


      1. Well that is good news although your reference to an “odd landing” has triggered my fear of flying alarm. Enjoy your stay and no odd landings forecast for your return home!

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      1. Returning home to England to catch up on British life, but then escaping back to Portugal for another month before we return home properly πŸ™‚ so yes lots of family on all occasions

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    1. Thanks Graham . Was a good journey and all well back home, with unexpected presence of granddaughter and a cat. All rather lovely 😍


  1. I’m not sure growing a fig tree on the wall of a house is a very good idea. Hope your flight hasn’t a too blustery landing! And that your house and garden are unscathed from the storms this week.

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    1. I agree but building unoccupied so guess fig thought it would move in!

      Flight fine and no sign there was even a storm in our part of Winchester.


      1. We had a completely different day then planned but it was a good one. Glad you made it without anything awful happening. Not too long a flight, is it? That should give you a better chance. I shudder at the thought of flying to Europe these days, having to wear a mask for all those hours and the uncertainty of whatever Covid test requirements might be needed to get there and back.

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