This month I have laughed so much, also been surprised, learnt lots and at times been very puzzled. In fact you can probably find my February facial expressions in this unusual gallery of faces I stumbled across in a university basement in Pittsburgh a few years ago. Although maybe not that oddly long nose in the second square!

It has been such a great first half of the month, that I thought you deserved a bonus post today and as you can see it is not just bonus squares I have for you. I have also curated this morning our first odd gallery. We’re going to begin as usual with some new squarers and a few we have not seen for quite a while. Have fun exploring by;

If this is your first time visiting a Squares Gallery, then the best tip I can give, if you haven’t gathered it already from the mention of cocktails, is to make sure you have poured yourself a glass or mug of something.

This is not the largest gallery we have ever had, but to visit even a few squarers in every room may take a little while. So feel free to pop back and visit later if you don’t have time right now.

I have loved how a few of you have created a series with your squares this month. Who know that an odd theme could be so inspiring! So come and join me and visit a few more squarers.

Sadly a few regulars have not been able to join us this month as they are taking blogging breaks. Life does seem such an uphill challenge still because of Covid19. Sending hugs to all those affected, and a round of applause to everyone who has made it back for squares.

And so we come to the final room of our first gallery. Hasn’t it been splendid so far, and this final room really has some marvellous oddities so really hope you still have time to explore!

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