This was not the post I had planned for today, but then this European White Stork suddenly poked his head up as I was out walking and made me smile!

My original seventh square is now over on my Portuguese blog, it is also a Monday portrait and you can visit it here. If you are wondering why I am talking about a seventh square then clearly you have not yet joined in the fun of the Squares Challenge this month. Do join us, we are looking for square photographs whose subject matter is;

  • Differing from the usual or not happening often (ie oddballs, the exceptions and follies)
  • Separated from its set or mate (eg odds and ends or maybe odd socks or shoes)
  • Not divisible exactly by two (ie odd numbers) or the number is unknown (ie 70 odd birds)

It is a month to have fun exploring oddness and discovering oddities so why not invite some of your blogging friends to also join us. Here’s the challenge image to share, and you are more than welcome to link to other challenges as well.

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      1. That really is funny. Do storks usually hunt in the trash? I know seagulls are serious trash hunters, but storks are huge! They used to fly across Israel because they wintered in Africa then went back to Europe in the spring. Then they discovered Carp pools on the kibbutzim in Israel and decided to stay. All that free fish! I would see them every spring cleaning up the fields after crops were in. They are even bigger than our Great Blue Herons.

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      2. apparently in some areas it is becoming something they do. Fortunately here it is a rare sight as there is plenty of natural food for them


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