The number 3 for today’s entry of Square Odds.

Hope you are enjoying February Squares and our theme of ‘odd as much as I am. If you have not yet joined us, we are looking for square photographs whose subject matter is;

  • Differing from the usual or not happening often (ie oddballs, the exceptions and follies)
  • Separated from its set or mate (eg odds and ends or maybe odd socks or shoes)
  • Not divisible exactly by two (ie odd numbers) or the number is unknown (ie 30 odd birds)

And remember oddness like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so all oddities accepted! This month is about having fun exploring and squaring your odds. If you have a moment do also invite some of your blogging friends to join us the 30 odd number of squarers already taking part this month. The tag is SquareOdds and here’s the challenge image to share.

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