Sadly Septimus will no longer be part of Squares, however he certainly wouldn’t have approved of being include in the theme odd! So instead how about more of those birds that I think we have all agreed are rather odd – flamingos!

Phoenicopterus roseus

The greater flamingo is the most widespread and largest species of all the flamingos. It is found in Africa, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, and in southern Europe. Beauty like oddness is in the eyes of the beholder with these birds!

If you haven’t already joined us February is a month of Squares, and theme is odd. So basically nearly anything goes as odd includes odd numbers, odd balls, the exceptions, follies, and even odds and ends. Just remember to keep your photographs square and it would be great if you could use the tag SquareOdds. If you want to know more here’s my challenge poster.

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