Oddity, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. What one person rejects as lunacy, another reveres as truth.

Philip gulley
Sunrise over Lake Tahoe

I had to start with a sunrise to celebrate the start of a brand new squares, but I can hear many of you cry ‘what is odd about this?’!

Well, this wasn’t a normal sunrise, just look at the colours given height of the sun. Usually by this time after dawn the colours are fading, but not on this day. This was a sunrise affected by the smoke from the enormous Rim Fire 180 miles away in Yosemite. At times during our visit in 2013 the smoke was swirling around us at Tahoe, affecting the views and creating breathing difficulties for some of my family. Lake Tahoe felt very odd and eerie at times that autumn. This though was one of the beautiful moments in the smoke.

I am hoping February is going to be a beautiful month too as not only is it a month full of visitors here in Portugal, there are also trips back to England planned plus I am really looking forward to your 28 days of Squares and our theme of ‘odd. What a month it is going to be as we all create square photographs whose subject matter is;

  • Differing from the usual or not happening often (ie oddballs, the exceptions and follies)
  • Separated from its set or mate (eg odds and ends or maybe odd socks or shoes)
  • Not divisible exactly by two (ie odd numbers) or the number is unknown (ie 300 odd birds)

And remember oddness like beauty is in the eye of the beholder! So have fun exploring oddness and discovering oddities and why not invite some of your blogging friends to join us. The tag is SquareOdds and here’s the challenge image to share.