Those of you who follow my Portuguese blog have seen the header before as it appeared a week or so ago in ‘Spring is Approaching‘. I thought you might like to see another shot I took of this Long Tailed Tit.

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  1. I’ll be honest and say that I was waiting for Brian to comment on this and get himself into hot water again! Alas, that didn’t happen, so I’ll content myself with saying this is a lovely photo and very spring-like.

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  2. So lovely. Spent an hour yesterday recording birds for the Big Garden Birdwatch; naturally, as happens every year, not all the usual birds appeared, but watching them is very calming. No long tailed tits though!

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    1. Oh so glad you did that. We missed it this year of course, but have experienced exactly the same as you in previous years. They know!!


  3. What an adorable subject, Becky, and your portrait did it justice. I’m not ready yet for “odd” as I still have some Chihuly to share (although I could include an “odd” as well.) Hoping Mr. B feels much better soon.

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  4. No surprise, but WordPress disconnected you, so I added you back in. They disconnected at least a dozen people. I’ve hooked back up, but there’s a good chance at the next “update,” I’ll get disconnected AGAIN.

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    1. Everything is scheduled, but head not quite there yet. MrB not been well, and we have so many visitors at the moment – I’ll get it together by tomorrow though 😀


    1. Thanks Jo 😀

      One of the hidden joys of this place is that even on days when we don’t do very much there is still plenty to observe.


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