Last week I was reading a report on sustainable architecture and why developers should be re-using our heritage buildings. Well our Stork neighbours in Olhão da Restauração are leading the way in achieving European ambitions for net-zero carbon emissions by their adaptive reuse of the chimneys!

They’re also providing me with a response to Debbie’s One Word Sunday, and if you’d like to learn more about my neighbours check out this post on my Portuguese blog.

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  1. What a wonderful post and thanks for linking to your other post about the storks and their battling for their nest! Very informative and great photos and video! ❤️

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  2. So many old buildings here are ripe for restoration. It just takes vision, imagination and money, but that just is a big word. The word profit has more influence, sadly, but that’s a lovely stork shot. They look happy.

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    1. You’re so right, although a little part of me hopes Olhão doesn’t become too gentrified and that some abandoned buildings remain.


      1. I’m sure they will. There are so many of them! Your Avenida is still lovely. But how to keep the big guys out? And I thought you were going to say the storks had a hangover!

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  3. With some imagination our old industrial buildings can be repurposed. We have a good number that have been convert to Apartment Housing, Multi Use – Office/Workshop/Social units. Others have become Hotels and Museums. They seem to work and keep the character of an area……. sadly they are to few instances. The Bulldozer and Wrecking Ball are the favoured tool for many of our City Planners and Developers. The irony of it all is that these old structures have endured time, I don’t reckon todays structures will last anywhere near as long. We of course in the UK don’t have Storks to consider but Peregrine Falcon’s love to make their homes on many of the tall structures – it is suggested that it is similar to the cliff faces they would be more normal.

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    1. Exactly the older buildings add so much more to an area, and I think you are so right about them lasting longer than many of our modern buildings


    1. The factories they serviced have long since gone so all that is left in most places are the chimneys – and the one opposite us is looking increasingly precarious as is another one by the railway.

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      1. Portugal doesn’t really have that kind of set up so dependent upon state and/or developers. The state has repaired some elsewhere in town and they are in great condition with their own storks so maybe one day . . . . .

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