Cee shared a lovely photograph yesterday for her mid week challenge, and invited us to pick from it a topic. There was so much choose from sky, clouds, tree, grass, flowers, bush, shadow, blue, pink, green, landscape, summer, and more. On Tuesday when I took these I may have found a bit of everything. Well almost, sorry Cee, this is winter not summer!

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  1. I just looked at your photos and sky and took a deep breathe and relaxed for a moment. It felt good. Just got a weather alert storms coming expect rain, snow and ice. We are warm so the snow and ice won’t happen unless you are in the hills. But it’s been raining constantly for two days again. So your post is like a breath of fresh air. 😀 😀

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    1. oh Cee I am so glad it has given you a moment to breathe and relax. All we could hear was birds, and when they were not singing it was pure silence 😀


  2. It’s been summery here too, Becky. Blue skies, birds singing, unwise buds bursting forth. I’m afraid everything’ll get its comeuppance here, but you should be OK there.

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