the vegetable or the city?

Apparently it was the city that gave the name to the vegetable, so I guess it is not odd that there are posters of brussel sprouts in Brussels alongside ones of waffles and frites. At the time though the sprouts did make me giggle! Today they make a good reminder that Squares commences in less than two weeks. How are you getting on with your theme of odd preparations? Hopefully you will have the odd giggle and quirky story to share too.

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  1. I didn’t know Brussels was named for the veggie! So interesting and I will eat them if prepared tastefully but they aren’t my fave. I’m going to join in next month! Sounds FUN! ❀️🀠

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  2. Put me in the pro sprouts category. Don’t get to eat them often these days, but they’re kind of a treat when they’re available. Mind you, I’m sure I’d want to tackle these since they’re the size of a pigeon!

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  3. Brussel sprouts are delicious when cooked properly. I often slice them thinly and add them to a stir fry. Mr ET tried growing them. The plant was covered in sprouts but sadly, the sprouts were covered in aphids. They got right into the centres so there was no saving them.

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  4. Whether or not I like them depends entirely on how they’re cooked but I’ve had some delicious ones. I’m looking forward to “odd” although I haven’t done any prep work yet at all. Too busy with Mom getting ready to go into a care home and all the taking care of Mom and Dad that’s been going on. If I can keep up with my blog and those I follow, I think I’m doing well. πŸ™‚

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    1. You are totally right about the cooking of them, definitely critical to how they taste.

      Sorry to hear about all the happenings with your parents. Never an easy time, and so much to do. Thinking of you, and hope it all goes well – in the meantime I am in awe how you are keeping up with everything in the blogging world.

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      1. I don’t always keep up, although I always manage a post and responses to the comments. But because Covid has kept us from making friends here yet, my blogging community is important to me so I do my best to do my share in the relationship. πŸ™‚

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      2. I think this amazing online community has kept many of us sane these past few years. Thank goodness for lovely people such as yourself, do hope you can get out and about again soon xx

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  5. Hopefully, the city is nicer than the vegetable. Like Cee, I detest them and, because Dean loves them, can honestly say, it matters not how they are cooked, they do (and will always) taste like dishwashing liquid to me. (Please don’t ask how I know what dishwashing liquid tastes like 🀣)

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      1. Fantastic 😍 well done. They’ve really grown on me since I’ve tried unusual recipes, and realised they are a very versatile vegetable πŸ˜‹


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