Cee is encouraging us to share Black and White images of birds this week, and I immediately thought of these three. The number and their unusual pose, or should I say odd, also gives me a great excuse to remind you that the theme is odd for Squares next month and thereby cheekily participate in double dipping!

PS I know it’s not perfectly square, that’s why this is a prequel!

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  1. Had to opinion full screen to figure out what was up with those birds. and still can’t 🤣
    Sure am looking forward to a month of Odds. Can we start early because it’s a short month?
    Happy New Year! Carol

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    1. I know, goodness knows where their heads are!!

      hee hee, if you want to that’s absolutely fine 😀 I do that sometimes and call them prequels! Alternatively choose a day to share bonus posts on during the month. Whatever works best for you


    1. Hee hee, I know! I did ponder not saying anything but thought someone might get a ruler out 😁

      And so glad you love the photo. It immediately came to mind when I saw your CBWC prompt.

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  2. LOL – LOVED this image – square or not! The circles are amazing. Have never seen such a pose! So many mentioned your challenge in our double-dip week so let’s hope they add to your followers – I know I’ll be one of them! Thanks for joining us this week.

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    1. Thank you so very much, and it’s been such fun joining in with you all. I’ve been honoured by how many have mentioned squares this week. I really look forward to seeing you in February with your squares 😊

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    1. That’s what they remind me of! I’ve been puzzling over what they were looking like for days. So very odd, but then they look odd even when they’re uncurled!


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