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    1. Possibly food as when we came across her again at her place she had some puppies. Although having said that I always carry dog biscuits on me but couldn’t tempt her even when I left them for her to find

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      1. You are so kind to always carry dog biscuits. I should do that and I don’t. Here in Prescott all us old people have dogs, and on any day I will run into at least 10 dogs on my walk. Today a lady stopped her car (made me nervous), asked me to open the passenger door because her window wouldn’t roll down, and told me she had a dog who looked just like mind. Puppy Girl wanted to get into her car. The man in back of her at the round about wanted her to move on. Very strange encounter, speaking of dogs. 🙂


      2. Oh my goodness what a strange encounter. Glad Puppy Girl didn’t get in!

        Have to admit we partly carry the dog biscuits to distract them. Occasionally been followed by some very large dogs in hills, so we like to have an escape plan!!!

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      3. Hi Becky, We even put Puppy Girl on a leash in the country because we didn’t want her to run out in front of a car that might randomly barrel down our little road. At home we could keep her off the leash. She stayed in the yard and we were always outside with her. But I think leashes are a good thing if you want to keep your dog safe. 🙂

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