Edinburgh 2019

The winter of 2019 was not an easy one for us as MrB’s sister had died only a few months before, however we found joy and laughter visiting one of her stepdaughters just before Christmas. She spoilt us with a visit to the Christmas Light trail at the botanical gardens.

I’ve only included a few of the photographs from that wonderful event here but if you click on the link below you will find plenty more Christmas joy. There are even a few videos of the both the boats and the balls changing colour! It was such a fun evening, and gives me hope that as another tough year draws to a close we can all create a few carefree moments with whatever is around us and maybe even some colour for Jude! Have a lovely Christmas everyone, and here’s to a brighter 2022 for all of us.

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  1. Bittersweet memories here, but the lights are splendid. Sending you and yours wishes for a very happy Christmas and I’ll join you in hoping for a brighter 2022 for us all. It seemed easier to hope last year, because it was hard to imagine that 2021 would not be much better. This year we have to feel a little chastened if we’re paying attention, but we’ll just have to hope a little harder. 🙂

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  2. A lovely bright post, I remember those Christmas lights. Oh for the world to go back to normal, I am so fed up of all the depressing news. Enjoy your Christmas Becky, hope you can spend it with some of your family, and here’s wishing for a much brighter 2022. 🎉🥂✨

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    1. Thanks Jude, and yes an expected flying visit tomorrow from the youngest so really looking forward to that.

      Hope you get to see some of the family too xx


      1. My family all live too far away but I’m hopeful for meeting up with them in the spring. When days are longer and with luck this wretched virus behind us.

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  3. So wonderful Becky. I guess this year will be a bit different for you. No early wake up from Septimus and the reduced table numbers for Christmas.
    Thinking of you 🥰❤🤗

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    1. Thanks Brian. Yes very different here, and missing Septimus but we’re seeing our youngest tomorrow for a flying visit, and have exciting plans for the new year. So all is good 🥰

      Wishing you a very Happy Christmas xx

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  4. I’m hoping to go to something similar in Leeds tomorrow night, Becky, but there are one or two hurdles to clear before that. Two years already for Robert’s sister! There is no other side to look upon than the bright one, or we might as well all give up. Wishing you and yours ‘all you wish yourselves’, as my Mum would have said. Much love to all!

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