It seems such a long time ago when squares finished, but surprisingly it is less than a month! Hopefully this final gallery will bring back happy memories, and if you take your time to explore you will also discover the next squares theme.

Wasn’t that a great opening room for the gallery. I am sure regular squarers are fully prepared but if you haven’t already here’s my gallery reminder to pour yourself a cup of coffee or maybe even pour a little glass of something before you explore further.

I hope you can make the time to visit at least two Squarers in every room this weekend, and maybe even three. I’d particularly like you to take your time with the next room as there are some new squarers in this one as well as a few who returned just for the final week.

Did you discover any new squarers in the third room? Hope you did, as well as catch up with many of our wonderful regulars. There are a few more familiar squarers in our fourth room.

Now I promised you at the start of this post that I would mention the next Squares theme. The challenge isn’t until February, but what with Christmas and the ongoing daily challenges many of us juggle I thought I’d give you lots of time to prepare. First a hint – 55 squarers in the gallery – I will elaborate after you have explored the final room.

I have really enjoyed curating this final gallery of Past Squares. Have you enjoyed exploring it? Let me know by leaving a comment below but before you do that, here’s what you have all been waiting for, the next theme announcement!

Click here for the February Squares Theme