Sagittarius serpentarius

You may recall seeing another shot of this fine fellow a few months ago in another Monday Portrait. They are such a fascinating bird. I am not going to be observing him though for a while now as I am now in Portugal. Our winter sojourn and the end of squares also means it is time for me to take a short blogging break. Monday Portraits are scheduled and I do plan one final gallery, but otherwise I am going to take a blogging pause although maybe not as Becky in Portugal will spring back into life.

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    1. I have been, only turned on a few moments ago to upload some photos from various walks we have done today. It’s rather splendid here xx

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  1. Such beautiful neck feathers. If not for the orange on his face, he looks like a eagle. Thanks Becky for another fun creative month. Enjoy your break from blogging and I will certainly love seeing when your posts pop up in notifications.

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  2. I love these bird portraits, Becky. Although it’s not October anymore, I have a last group of squares to share before heading out in a few minutes for a week in southern California. Enjoy your break and I’ll have to check out your Portugal blog which, I’m ashamed to say, I didn’t know existed. 😦

    A plethora of orange


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    1. thank you so much 🙂 and yes do, lots of photos will be appearing there in due course. Taken over 100 shots today and that was only on two minor strolls!

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