Only three days left of squares, so I thought today I’d find a square that could have been in some many previous themes. How many can you come up with? If you haven’t already created a square of past memories and history or previous square themes (more details here) this weekend is your final opportunity.

Today’s square also recalls our half term visit to an RHS greenhouse in 2019. Was it really only two years ago since we were enjoying a walk with one of my best friends and our godson in Yorkshire? It feels far far longer ago since exploring was carefree and hassle free. A privilege we must value more if it ever returns.

By the way a question for anyone who has a moment this week to compare their past Squares stats or take a closer look at any other challenge statistics – David and I would love to know if you are noticing anything unusual. Our stats are all over the place this October. Are the WP Square gremlins up to mischief as Halloween approaches or is there something else happening?

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  1. I still love those chillies 🌢 Like other’s have said, I don’t pay too much attention to my stats, but agree with you regarding WP forgetting its blogging origins and personal users who simply blog (or blog simply).

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  2. Very seasonal! Two years does seem so very long ago. Your stats are obviously wrong if they are showing hardly any traffic some days, especially during Squares. I’m not seeing anything strange in my stats – perhaps slightly fewer views/likes on current posts, and a quicker tailing off on recent posts, but nothing erratic and I haven’t been posting as much. Quite a few bloggers have been taking a break or posting less, and some people are being deterred by some of the approaches they are taking, such as advert posts etc. They have been greying out posts (older than a year I think) in The Reader too when you search by topic, which is not right when we take care to write posts that will remain relevant and can only be designed to steer WordPress traffic away from existing posts.

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    1. You are right about many blogging less, and can totally understand why so many are being deterred. Such a shame WP is forgetting its blogging origins

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