I am convinced squares alters perception of time. There’s only a week left but it feels like the month has only just started and the second gallery only appeared yesterday. With all this time passing I thought a clock, last seen in Time Square in December 2018, might be rather appropriate for my latest PastSquares entry.

A rather fabulous English clock tower, but do you recall where it is?

By the way when I was preparing this post I spotted that back in December 2018 I was still preparing new Square posts in the middle of the challenge – quite extraordinary. These days Squares is scheduled weeks in advance, which is why this Six Word Saturday links to Debbie’s fabulous 6WS gallery rather than her latest Saturday post.

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  1. I think maybe I got a bit sentimental on this one. Two songs, one from childhood that I remember listening to over and over until I wore out the grooves and of course, Judy Collins. I suppose the memories we hold as we age ARE a gift. A great gift, sometimes, especially if we are still lucky enough to have our partner with us.

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