I had such great plans for a second gallery last weekend, but then we had unexpected visitors. and I forgot about it! However I must admit I got such joy from their visit, that I don’t feel guilty at all by the gallery delay. Today though I thought I’d squeeze in a few hours this afternoon to curate the 60+ Past Squares, and I am hoping you will all have time over the weekend to visit at least one square in every room. Don’t forget to make yourself a drink or cut a slice of cake before you start looking round the gallery. First though my bonus square of the day, the original photograph is one of my favourites.

An Algarvian Sunrise

This shot brings back such happy memories of when I took it. The challenge was working out how not to fall into the puddles, whilst also getting the camera close enough to capture the reflections! Thank goodness it was very early in the morning, so there were few people around at the time, I must have looked strange.

Once you can draw your eye away from the sunrise, I thought you could might like to meet some brand new squarers and as well as catch up with those who just missed the first gallery.

Wasn’t that a great room to begin your squares explorations. A larger room than usual but there were so many new squarers to highlight as well as squarers who just missed the last gallery. Now let’s take a second look at some regular squarers in our second room.

Isn’t this all fabulous! I hope you were as inspired by the second room as much as the first, and there are so many more brilliant squarers to come in our third room. So do keep exploring, even if it is just to visit one squarer per room.

Olhão da Restauração

Congratulations, you have now explored more than half the room. It is a perfect time (if you haven’t already) to pour yourself a second cup of coffee or maybe even pour a little glass of something before you explore the fifth.

Wow it is a big gallery isn’t it! You’ll probably be delighted to learn it is now time to explore our final room, it also contains many fabulous Past Squares. So I do hope you can make the time to visit at least one Squarer in this final room, and the other rooms this weekend.

I have had so much fun curating this gallery. How have you got on exploring it? Do let me know if you met any new squarers, or if you think there are any squarers I have missed. Your comments keep me energised!

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  1. Commendable job Becky! The sunrise pic is brilliant and so neat. How much commitment and sincerity must have gone into weaving this magical gallery with your equally positive words. I am thrilled to participate in this squares affairs. Thank you a ton for doing this every week for us. Have a soulful day!

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