I do hope you are enjoying Past Squares. It is a time to share memories, personal favourites, leftover squares and also have fun with themes you have always wanted to try.

A Perspective Square from 2020

If you haven’t squared this month yet there is still plenty of time to join in the Past Squares celebrations. Just remember to be impressive as nearly as everyone else who has taken part so far this month and make sure your square photographs have four equal sides!

By the way I have spotted that the WP gremlins are concerned I am celebrating too much. They have been hiding some of my comments. If you don’t get a comment from me on your squares within 24hours of posting do check out your spam folders, there’s a strong chance I might be hiding in there.

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  1. I have/had all sorts of messages in my spam, but thankfully none belonged to you. Thanx for the reminder to check this, I often forget. Love the enigma perspective, or is that the perspective enigma πŸ˜‚

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