On this day in 2017 I shared with you my discovery of Tony Cragg’s sculptures. Some of you had been fortunate enough to have come across him before, the autumn of 2017 was the first time I had even heard of him let alone seen his work.

An exhibition of his work has just finished at Houghton Hall in Norfolk, and I was going to share a film of that one but then I thought you might prefer to see him talking about the exhibition I actually went to.

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  1. Have not heard of Tony Cragg before, Becky. (But this is not a surprise to me). His works are amazing, thank you for posting this and bringing him to my attention 😊

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  2. Lacking art, I had to settle for trees and the winding river. But i actually got it posted! I was so tired yesterday, I ran out of steam, so it had to wait for today. Autumn’s just busting out all over!

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    1. Have plenty more to come!! ooh that’s a thought, will try and link with her later. Just sitting in bed at moment for 30 minutes catching up with comments, and then leaving for Somerset to bring Mum back here for lunch!

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