Apparently the intricacy of the chimney once reflected the status of the home owner, however in Portugal nearly all of the chimneys are fabulous. I first became obsessed by them in 2014 (just check out this post), and cannot wait to see them again. This particular chimney has appeared in Squares before, although last time it was because of the sky.

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  1. Beautiful! We had an eagle who sadly was knocked down by a windstorm, so he could no longer tell us the direction of the wind. Bummer.

    Being busy is ruining my blogging life, although to be fair, it’s improving my cooking.

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  2. Very nice Becky. Hopefully we’ll get to Portugal one of these years. Friends and my son who have all been there loved it. Now that I know about the chimneys I’ll be sure to look up.


    1. We’ve seen quite a few with the red splashes – I half wonder if they also have a tale behind them, or perhaps they are the mark of a particular chimney maker. I must ask someone when I am back.


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