On this day in 2015 I shared with you a rather fabulous stroll beside Lake Erie. You could jump in the water here and swim to Canada, a few brave persons have done so in the past.

Presque isle

Not me though! I just enjoyed the Pennsylvanian shoreline, you can read about my walk here. Whilst I have your attention perhaps I can persuade you to share a past square too. There are multiple ways you can Square this month including;

  • Sharing on this day moments from previous posts as well as favourite squares and leftover squares from a previous theme
  • Re-posting previous square posts which didn’t get much attention when they first appeared
  • Having fun with the word β€˜past’ by sharing squares of history and heritage, and that includes past holidays!
  • Taking brand new photographs that would have been perfect for a previous theme
  • Or if you have only recently discovered squares why not delight us with themes you missed. I have listed all previous themes in this square

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  1. Hi B
    I admire folks who can swim across any of the Great Lakes!
    And your photo shows a cool tree’
    And side note – sadly I was not able to join in any of the past squares with a post – but did enjoy various entries from
    Good idea to do a past squares theme!
    And hope you have a wonderful month of November

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  2. At least one of todays shots are previously published. Guess which one! Kind of hard since, after all, I’m taking pictures in the same places of the same things. Only the lens has changed since last fall.

    Great shot of the lake. i can’t IMAGINE trying to swim such a distance in what I suspect is very cold water. I got ruined living near the Mediterranean. By the end of summer, the water was skin temperature, so when I came home to the north Atlantic, I put one toe in the ocean and screamed NO NO NO. I haven’t gotten wet outside since. I’m beginning to remind me of my mother again. She was even younger than me when she refused to get into any water that wasn’t already warm πŸ˜€

    How are YOUR colors? Most places, they are just beginning now after languishing throughout September and early October. We should be at peak now, but we aren’t quite. Getting there, though!



    1. Some colours looking fabulous, but most seem to be going straight to brown this year – however still early for us, so you never know . . . . .

      and hee hee on the water!


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